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In Charleston, December 1860 // On the Kentucky Border

Harper's Weekly Text
December 14, 1861, p. 798 (1-4)


A Southern woman’s family is divided about secession sympathies.  The woman is in love with a Yankee officer, an attachment that angers her cousin.  When the cousin catches the two together, he challenges the officer to a duel after a Christmas ball.  Called away on duty, the officer is unable to make the duel, and the cousin labels the officer a coward.  The officer and the woman meet weeks later and are married.  Soon after this, the war breaks out.  When the officer and the cousin meet in a battle, the officer orders his men not to kill the cousin.  Even when the cousin tries to shoot the officer, the officer spares his life, admonishing him to remember this incident when he returns to the Southern army.

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December 1860"

Historical Background:

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"The House-Tops in Charleston During the Bombardment of Sumter"
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In Charleston, December 1860 // On the Kentucky Border





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