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The Fourteenth at Gettysburg (32)
Harper's Weekly, November 21, 1863
Synopsis of "The Fourteenth at Gettysburg"
An army adjutant tells the story of how one small company captured six Confederate regimental flags. The company, from Connecticut, is brought in to help relieve some of the companies that have been fighting at Gettysburg. After clearing a barn of Confederate sharpshooters, the troops, after a short break in the action, are set upon by enemy guns. By careful maneuvering, the small company is able to fool the enemy into thinking there are many more of them than there actually are. In this way, they are able to capture six regimental flags, nearly a brigade of prisoners, and countless weapons. After the battle, one hundred men remain fit for duty, with no officers killed, though seven were wounded.
"The Fourteenth at Gettysburg" Story from Harper's Weekly
The Fourteenth at Gettysburg
Harper's Weekly, November 21, 1863, pages 747 (3) -748 (1-4)
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