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A Scouting Party
Harper's Weekly, November 16, 1861
Historical Background from Harper's Weekly
We publish on page 726 a very striking illustration of one of the most exciting duties which now devolve upon our troops—scouting. Every day each brigade, and often each regiment, sends out a small party of tried soldiers under an officer selected for his courage and coolness, to ascertain what, if any, changes have taken place in the position of the enemy.

"The Army of the Potomac - A Scouting Party"
November 16, 1861, page 726 (1-4)

The duty is one of no inconsiderable danger, as the enemy’s sharp-shooters are always on the look-out for such expeditions and, lying concealed in thickets, not unfrequently manage to shoot several of the scouts before they are detected. At and near Fortress Monroe these scouting expeditions have proved unusually disastrous, having cost many valuable lives. The very danger and enterprise of the duty, however, renders it attractive to young soldiers and to ambitious subalterns.

Harper's Weekly, November 16, 1861


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