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The Scout's Narration (44)
Harper's Weekly, January 9, 1864
Synopsis of "The Scout's Narration"
A scout tells of his first scouting assignment. Sent to determine from which way the Confederate army will attack, the scout was nearly undone when he met Confederate pickets. Passing himself off as an orderly for a colonel, the scout was taken into the Confederate camp. He was discovered by a guard, whom he overcame and replaced. After finding the intelligence he needed, the scout headed back. On his way back, he encountered the pickets again, who had learned that they were duped. Fighting fiercely, the scout managed to escape and sent up the signal for the Union troops before their attack began.
"The Scout's Narration" Story from Harper's Weekly
The Scout’s Narration
Harper's Weekly, January 9, 1864, page 26 (1-4)
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